technical Events


Similar to a treasure hunt, the participating teams will compete among each other to find an ancient artifact to save the galaxy from an impending alien invasion.


Personality begins where comparison ends. So prove yourself, utilize your knowledge of C/C++ because it takes to beat the rest to be the best.


Talk is cheap, show me the codes. This event is based solely on your coding skills in C,C++ and Java.

Web Werks

What separates design from art is that design is meant to be functional. Website designing is therefore concerned with how it functions and the result that it produces.

Bug Buster

Exercise your brain cells and get cracking, there will be more *bugs* than you can handle. Let us know your debugging skills.

Software Prezantim

A perfect amalgam of fun , excitement & intelligence. Showcase your innovations, ideas, talent & face different challenges through software projects.


Think ||Experiment || Test || Actualize Do you think you can design something awesome out of mere scrap? Do you think you know all energy conversion principles?

Connect Layout

This event is ultimately going to scrutinize the Ohm, Faraday and Henry within you and will hallmark you as the wizard of circuits, if you emerge as the winner. Practical knowledge sandwiched by what you learned within the walls of the classroom is what you require to attain the ultimate glory.


When you compete with someone as good or better than you, you may not always win, but you never lose. If you think you are 'quiz-witted' then this platform is just for you.


"Because the one who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do."

Diseno desde Scrap

Diseno desde Scrap is a platform where one has to design a circuit by using the components taken from scrap PCB and by using some new components according to requirement of the circuit. It is a challenge where one has to design a working circuit by using scrap heap and some extra required components.

Intelligent Finesse

Do you have a spark in your mind..?? Track it down... this is the platform for your awaited knowledge... Tickle your mind and test your logic.

LAN Gaming

If you think you have an edge in the online events like Counter Strike or Need For Speed, this platform is where you can prove yourself the boss of this virtual world, awaits you

Quiz with Azienda

Skill set that optimizes IQ to enhance business performance. Open your 'battle box' of business.


Design a Bridge using ice-cream sticks, cotton strings and Fevicol as adhesive (without using any strengthening coating) that can sustain the maximum possible load with minimum deflection, satisfying all the understated constraints.


In this competition, the participants are design a Tower (mobile tower) in accordance with the design constraints. An optimized 3-dimensional truss has to be constructed which can sustain extensive moments and loads, thus taking the concept of making planar structures to a higher level.


In this competition, the participants are design and construct a frame structure using only drawing sheet paper and tape and scissors. Your team will be given limited supplies and a time limit. The frame structure must be as tall as you can make it, but also stable enough to stand up to a wind load.


This event allows the students to display their very best 2D CADD technical drawings. You can enter a multi-view drawing. This is a display of the students’ ability to create technical drawings.


Project-o-Mania is a group event. In this event groups are supposed to come with their working system/projects. “Your design might change the world”