Literary Events

Once upon and If (Story Making)

You wake up, get ready, leave for work, have timely meals, party for some times, come back and sleep. What if you woke up, and found a cheque of 10 billion dollar on your doorstep. Or maybe a telegram telling you that you are the next president of a secret society. Or maybe you are sent to a time before once upon a time. or after happily ever after.

Cross Swords (Debate)

It is better to debate a question without settling it than to settle a question without debating it. Debates find the solutions to the given problems, hitting the society hard, Cross-swords is a debate competition to address those problems, under the same roof, and on th same platform.


It is about capturing the priceless moments, the expressions, the emotions, and the beauty of nature, in a matter of seconds, to make it immortal. Whatever we see lasts in our eyes for 1/10th of a second. But sometimes, they are so beautiful and special that we want them in front of our eyes forever.

Maghum Opus (Poetry Writting)

Everyone's brain is wider than the sky and deeper than the sea, but only a poet knows it. Magnum opus is a poem writing event, through which you would untap the potential of your thoughts, in a beautiful and insightful manner.

Brain Storming (Group Discussion)

Can you stand out in a fish market with the finest and most delicious trout fish. If yes, run and grab the opportunity because there is no room for modesty in this discussion. Raise you voice, high enough to get your voice listened clear and loud to get an edge over everyone else in the group.


A wide range of contemporary designers tend to produce their shows as theatrical productions with elaborate sets and added elements such as live music or a variety of technological components like holograms. It is then up to the audience to not only try to understand what the designer is trying to say by the way the collection is being presented, but to also visually deconstruct each outfit and try to appreciate the detail and craftsmanship of every single piece.